Jason graduated from Auburn University in May of 2017 Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Information Systems Management and minoring in Information Assurance at the Harbert College of Business. While attending Auburn, he did not limit his studies and involvement to the Information Systems department and was highly involved in both Accounting and Finance studies while at Auburn.

Jason has always had a strong passion for problem-solving, something he decided to bring to more than just his academic career in 2013 when he founded Arc Technologies Group. The company has since grown from its dorm room beginnings to a boutique firm focusing on serving companies in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Finance sectors. Arc Technologies Group is a boutique, cybersecurity-first, digital technology services consultancy and MSP. Arc Technologies Group relies on a foundational team of exceptional individuals who possess extensive
knowledge in effectively managing dynamic and intricate technological systems. Arc Technologies Group is a trusted advisor and partner for overseeing, enhancing, and revolutionizing your IT systems and infrastructure.

As the CEO and founder of Arc Technologies Group, Jason has been leading and growing a successful IT consulting and solutions company for over a decade. He brings extensive expertise in designing, implementing, and managing mid to large-scale infrastructure and digital systems, all from a cyber-security first lens, using cutting-edge technologies and best practices. Jason also serves as a board member at EmployPlan, which provides an innovative, AI/ML driven, approach to role-based staffing and project planning for IT consulting companies. In this role, Jason contributes to the strategic vision, governance, and oversight of the company, leveraging his deep IT and systems knowledge to support its operations and growth.