We want to see a thriving Kansas future.

Our mission as Flagship is to propel the tech sector within the state through continuous efforts in awareness, education, and the workforce.

Why Kansas.

Kansas is known for its aerospace industry, health care, and agriculture. But there’s a fourth sector, a quiet innovator: technology. It’s the focus of entire companies plus it enables the growth of every other industry. Tech stakes a claim on the Kansas landscape.


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Focus 01


Getting more eyes on Kansas tech starts with speaking up.

Speaking up about what’s already happening in tech here. Speaking up about the challenges tech companies face. Speaking up about what’s available in Kansas and correcting ill-conceived notions. Raising awareness and speaking up about Kansas’ tech ecosystem is essential for its growth and success.

Focus 02


A sustainable future in tech in Kansas requires rethinking tech-ed.

Flagship works with Kansas institutions to develop workforce training, education programs, and state policies that foster tech-ed. With the right moves in education, Kansas can buoy the growth of the tech sector. We can raise the standard.

Focus 03


Kansas needs to be a place where tech companies and workers thrive.

Happy to come here. Happy to stay here. Flagship is actively helping to ideate and roll out new strategies to attract and retain tech talent in Kansas.


All systems go.

Flagship was formed in 2018 by Kansas tech companies to help address key issues for Kansas tech.

Kansas has proven it has the makings of a tech hub. But misconceptions about our area threaten to stunt growth. Flagship was built to channel Kansas tech’s collective energy to make our voice heard, our impact felt, and change happen where it’s needed.

Founding Members

Raise the standard.

Kansas is poised to succeed wildly in tech just as soon as we have the courage to go all in. Join us. And be there when we shock the coasts.