The Answer to Your Tech Talent Problem has Arrived.

If you want to hire great talent, this registered apprenticeship program gives you a more affordable way to train employees to be the technology experts you need.

What is Registered Apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, technical instruction, and receive industry-issued, nationally recognized credentials.

Program benefits

Stable & Predictable Pipeline

There are more than 10,000 open tech jobs in Kansas. Developing qualified workers is key to the long term success of tech companies. With this program, you can upscale an existing employee or hire for any role in a technology company or a tech role in any industry.

Increased Productivity & Knowledge Transfer

On-the-job learning and mentorship combined with related technical instruction is proven to improve knowledge retention and create highly skilled employees.

Enhanced Retention

Apprenticeship programs have a track record of creating strong connections between an apprentice and the employer, reducing turnover and related costs. The national retention rate of apprenticed employees is 91%.

Customized Training

Intermediaries utilize their knowledge and experience in registered apprenticeship programs as a foundation, building upon what’s worked in the past to create a tailor-made training that meets your business’ unique needs and develop a highly skilled workforce.

Progress Reports

The registered apprenticeship program gives you the ability to conduct a ready assessment, giving a status update on where the employer and employee are in the continuous improvement process.

Simple, Easy to Replicate

It’s easy to replicate for other roles or send multiple workers through the program.

Financial Resources and Incentives

The Next-Gen IMT Apprenticeship: A Return-on-Investment Study found the average businesses return on investment is $1.48 for every $1 utilized while the public return on investment is $28 in economic benefits for every $1 invested!

The Kansas Legislature recently passed House Bill No. 2292, including an Apprenticeship Tax Credit (ATC) to help businesses offset the costs of training new employees.

Businesses and nonprofits may qualify for the tax credit. Apprenticeship programs must meet certain criteria. Eligible programs may receive a tax credit up to $2,500 per apprentice (up to 20 apprentices) through 2025. Starting after the 2025 tax year, the credit maximum will rise to $2,750.

Administrative Support

Intermediaries are there to help lift the administrative burden and provide guidance every step of the way to ensure your success.

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