Meet Freddy Hutt, a Wichita Social Innovator on a mission to create happiness in every opportunity. With a firm belief that each moment holds the potential to make a positive impact on someone else’s life, he embraces the joy and satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

For the past 12 years, Freddy Hutt has had the privilege of working alongside Tony Robbins and Robbins Research International. This extensive collaboration has enriched his professional journey, providing valuable insights into personal development, motivation, and the dynamics of transformative change. Being certified in NLP and being a graduate of the Tony’s Leadership Academy and Mastery University, Freddy has committed to providing these educational and life changing methodologies to our region.

Freddy Hutt brings a wealth of expertise in automation, mixed reality, industrial control systems, and cybersecurity, specifically concerning Operational Technology. With a deep understanding of the intersection between advanced technology with a cybersecurity consideration for operational systems, he is dedicated to ensuring the security and resilience of critical infrastructure in our region. Locally, he holds several seats on non-profit boards and champions many altruistic causes, including his own.