Dawn Monroe, a seasoned expert in the world of Microsoft 365 and modern education, brings a passion for empowering business professionals. As a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOSM), Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE), Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP), and General AI Business professional (GenAIBIZ), she embodies excellence in both technical expertise and instructional design.

With a 30-year history in the technical training industry, Dawn is committed to connecting with individuals who are ready to learn. Her unique ability to interpret technical concepts and translate them into practical applications sets her apart. Dawn’s teaching style is enriched with real-world examples that resonate with her audience, making learning both engaging and

You can catch Dawn in action, delivering customized training solutions across various platforms, including corporate staff events, webinars, community presentations, and personalized one-on-one consultations. Her mission is to empower you with the skills and insights needed to excel in today’s digital landscape.