TJ is the Vice President of Product and Technology at Callcap, a call tracking and monitoring solution for companies looking to improve ROI, marketing effectiveness, and staff performance. Most recently TJ has led the charge in expanding Callcap services from Call Tracking and Evaluation to a total suite of over 40 products customized to enhance business performance through data protection, customer service evaluation, marketing ROI, web-to-phone lead analytics, and technology integration. His strength in this position is merging the gap between sales and development, which anyone who has worked in a tech-focused company knows is no easy task. He embraces the challenge and gets great satisfaction when working with both sides to bring cutting-edge products to market and see them thrive.

Across his career, TJ has been involved with many different industries, including over 20 years of experience with Internet-related media. From marketing and advertising to law to e-commerce and telecommunications; his ability to think outside the box and optimism have helped him take the companies he worked with to the next level. The drive to make great ideas a reality is relevant in all walks of business. Solving problems and facing challenges is something he has always enjoyed. This, paired with the kind of passion that motivated him to start his own business at 17 years old, makes up the core of who TJ is as a professional.

TJ is actively involved in the Kansas technology community, and passionate about making Kansas a more tech-desirable place to work and live. Taking opportunities to network with up-and-comers and helping them find their way in the local tech community is extremely rewarding to him.