Situated in Norton, Maria became a member of the Innovation Center team in 2020. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and years of experience writing software as an independent contractor, her expertise lies in development. She strayed from developing when an opportunity arose to create a niche with the Federal Aviation Administration, and her company was the first non-manufacturer in the world that could issue certain short term approvals for international clients.

After many ventures, Maria returned to developing, which led her to her current position. As a Grow with Google Partner, Maria currently heads Innovation Center’s Cybersecurity and Google Certification programs.
Although originally hailing from California, she has developed a deep affection for rural living and proudly regards Kansas as her home. Maria is passionate about community solidarity and is on several committees that work towards improving rural living.

Maria’s creativity shows itself in every aspect of her life and has led her on a journey that wasn’t always linear. Her passion lies in landscaping and property improvement, and her diverse background helps bring fresh ideas and unique viewpoints to everything she does.